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, please come up. two minutes, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is steve, with tndc. we elected support steve, brad, and mara for their respective seats on the advisory committee. they bring a lot of skill sets that we feel will help round out the committee in quite a good balance with residence, with the resident seats as well. so thank you, again, for hearing this issue of the cac, and we hope we can move forward in a productive way on the midmarket issue. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is angelica. we're here to support eva, ste ven, arad, mara, jesus, and linda. we feel these individuals will truly represent the neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods. we hope you'll consider the application. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you. >> good afternoon. i am here to support eva, brad, and jesus. please consider their application for cac. thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is lorenzo. i am here to support my friends. i know them. eva, jesus, and linda. a believe their good candidates for the cac. thank you so much. supervisor kim
that are developing, heavy rain moving through. let's get to meteorologist steve rudin. steve? [no audio] >> we will look for the rain to continue the next several hours. the rain totals on the weatherbug network almost 0.7 inches of rain has fallen. chevy chase looking at 0.6 inches falls church over half an inch. the district, wtop radio over half an inch. this hour, the live doppler radar, nothing has turned severe. very little lightning associated with the showers and heavy downpours, but they will continue to move off towards the north and east during the evening. we may have an isolated imbedded heavier thunderstorms within the showers. not expecting much in terms of severe weather. we're looking at a big warmup tomorrow. are you ready for this? the heat index readings around 100 degrees. of the full forecast coming up. >>> the police are looking for the gun man and a fatal shooting in northwest -- in northeast washington. the victim is an adult male whose name has not been released. anyone with information is asked to call the police. >>> busy night for maryland state police. troopers co
and joining us from washington, steve moore, senior economics writer for the "wall street journal." now, steve, i know that our principles, you are opposed to what cynthia tucker just proposed. you think extending these unemployment benefited a infinitum is bad, bad, bad. let me ask you something, if you pull away extended unemployment benefits from people who are out of work. doesn't that hurt the economy because then they don't have money to spend and that hurts the shop owners, that hurts, you know, people who are providing their gas and utilities because they can't pay their bills and then the economy stalls even worse. >> you don't create jobs and employment by paying people to stay unemployed. that's essentially what the unemployment insurance program does. look, i don't have a problem with providing someone with three or six months of unemployment benefits if they fall hard on their luck and lose their jobs. as you know, juan, we are now paying people almost two years of benefits and the statistics in evidence is very clear on this. the longer you provide people unemployment benefits, t
? >> about 10 years. >> you have answered my questions. thank you. >> next, we have steve suzuki. >> good afternoon, members of the board. i've the executive director of asian neighborhood design. we are a nonprofit that has been located in the market street area probably for about the past 10 to 12 years. you provide technical, architectural services to many organizations. we also have a workforce of permit. i will speak to those two programs that we have. our component has been involved in the redevelopment agency and the city for the past 10 years or so on the improvement program. previously mentioned, some of the businesses are located on six street which is a very critical area. we are involved with pearls burgers and miss saigon. more than just providing the architectural services, this is action understanding the roots of what is going on in the neighborhood. the san francisco police department's substation is one of our projects and was mentioned before, we talked a lot with steve about the importance of that and stabilizing and providing a presence along sixth street. i think the
. joining me now, national director of catholic democrats, steve kroouger, thank you for joining me tonight, steve. >> thank you. >> what does rick perry not understand about this little, little insignificant voting block in america called catholics? >> i'm not sure i could have said it any better than you did. one point of fact, catholics comprise about 25% of the population, and actually vote as a larger percentage than the overall population, so they comprise about 27% of the electorate and a small but important point, there's about 20 million so-called lapse catholics in the country that still have a catholic sensibility with a great appreciation for the catholic church. >> well, they definitely have a -- a catholic cultural tradition going. they have certainly a comprehension of what it means when some lunatic like hagee says what he says about catholicism. they know where that's coming from. >> that's right. and, you know, catholics have not forgotten the statement that he made, the statements that he made, and the affiliation that the mccain campaign had with him back in 2008. it too
who you think everybody finds funny. >> steve carrel. >> you're right. that's true. >> any women? >> i win. >> women? >> well, yeah. there are. tina fey. >> okay. she and steve carrel. >> let's end on a happy note. let's play a clip from your show because it will get me out of this terrible hole i dug. >> if you have time -- >> you know what, i don't have any time. i have eight accounts here at clark and west and i have 30 people on managing and a whiney domestic partner. >> so you're gay? >> no, i'm manually but i'm not gay and i don't want to marry him because i can't take on one more thing. i don't have the time. i'm swamped. i'm haven't taken a deep breath since 1988. i don't have to have a snack. i haven't had a leisurely dump in the last ten years. i'm wearing a colostomy bag right now. >> i can't imagine anyone that watches that that doesn't laugh at lisa kudrow. >> thank you. >> so there's three. steve carell. >> you've just given me a moment. >> that's another dream come true. >>> coming up, a generation's guilty pleasure. beverly hill's "90210." my interview with jason priest
into the hall of fame, richard dent, marshall faulk, less richt ter. steve sable. and deon sanders in the twilight of his career here. another former raven, shannon sharp who won two super bowls and one other title right here with the ravens where it will be played two years. not to mention shannon sharp. baseball now. injuries mounting against the birds. and on the dl. and chris davis out with a shoulder ailment. jj hardy with an ankle injury. and last evening the series opener and adam joness. 19 of the year a career high 2- 0. and and toronto on the single. and come home. three straight and tagged with the loss in his debut. the o's are back home and you can see the game. >> and. >>> we'll hear from shannon tonight. the hall of famer to be. >> looking forward to it. >> thank you. >>> catch the lineup tonight at 10. that's followed by wjz at 11 ap officer is killed in a crash. reaction from the scene. >> thank you for joining us. for tim and stan. thank you for watching. thank you for watching. see you ,,,,
in for eagle! wow! if you follow him on twitter, he always tweets "it's go time." adam scott on 12 with steve williams, tiger's former caddie. he shoots a 4 under 66 and leads the tournament at 12 under par. eight golfers are within four shots of the lead. semifinals of the legg mason classic. donald young taking on stefnik of the czech republic. first set, young in the far court. stepnik comes to the net, this is cool, but the shot goes wide and young loses the first set 6-3. second set, serving in the far court, his experience just too much for young to handle today. look at this, overhead smash. advances to the finals tomorrow. >> all right, thank you, sir. that is it for us this evening. "nightly news" is next. hope to see you back here at 11:00.
or they did have, as you say, with the d.a.? the d.a., we should say, is steve cooly who ran for attorney general in the 2010 election. >> that's right. los angeles district attorney steve cooly. they had this deal in writing saying, quote, as you see, in the interest of justice, deborah should be released. but before her attorneys could put that deal in front of the court and get the court to act on it, the district attorney's office said, you know what, we're actually not going to honor that. we're withdrawing. they sent a second letter saying we formally withdraw. >> why do you think they cared so much? why did they try to keep her in prison? >> it would appear that it has more to do with kind of internal politics and possibly external politics. how will this look setting, a quote/unquote, murderer free? we certainly heard that within the district attorney's office certain people felt they had been -- their toes had been stepped on or someone had gone over their head and that sort of thing. so there was a reorientation within the district attorney's office. >> we've seen previous gover
texas. he said this. we can put up that quote. washington has piled on... >>> steve israel in charge of getting democratic members elected to congress. steve israel said. >> reporter: he goes to to say the downgrade is the direct result of roadblock republicans. so there you have it setting the stage for the congressional committee that is supposed to pave wait forward. we'll see which ones are chosen. >> heather: the finger pointing begins. thank you very much. >> rick: so what does this mean? america is now considered a risk jury investment than canada. more than a dozen countries have triple "a" ratesing. a double "a" plus which is now what we have puts us in the same league at knew zeed zeal and and belgium and puts up a notch of spain. china and japan are a double "a" minus. >> heather: one of most respected investors, warren buffett telling fox business network says the news, this is a quote, doesn't make sense, showing the confidence in the quality of u.s. credit. he tells fox business he would give the u.s. a quadruple "a" rating if he could. the chairman of bershire hathaway
could save you 15% or more on car insurance. how you doing? my name is steve. my family's lived in this neighbrhood for ears. recently, things got so tight we had to go to our local food bank for help. are missed opportunities. that's why we created the blue ribbon attendance challenge to help keep kids at their desks... while our innovative products, like new lysol x-tra large dual action wipes and lysol no touch hand soap, continue to encourage healthy habits in schools. to get your school involved, visit lysol.com/schools. buy any two lysol products, and get lysol wipes for free. terry moran. >>> well, "rise of planet of the apes" hits theaters today. it's a prequel to the 1968 classic "planet of the apes" starring charlton heston. the actors playing apes in that movie each wore several pounds of great makeup. the new film employs a cutting edge technology in which a human actor's movements, even facial expressions, are captured by computer and then rendered into a realistic on-screen chimp. david wright went behind the scenes of the new movie to file this report. >> reporter
. the next item, steve johnson, doing business as underground sf. >> this has been in operation for some time. this is a bar in the lower 8 neighborhood. -- lower haight neighborhood. >> don't touch it. >> i have a really good relationship with the seller who has been facilitating the transfer of the business. he is here with me today. i am happy to answer any questions you have regarding my application for my neighborhood outreach. we are keeping the name the same come this jury staff the same, the bartender's the same. i really stepping in to replace sean's role. i have been a fan of this neighborhood anbar from the second that i opened this restaurant. i loved it when i went to college here. it has always been a dream of mine to start a small business. when this opportunity came before me, it was a perfect fit. i have a ton of respect for it. i have listened to the group for suggestions that they have to help keep the character. >> commissioners, questions. >> seeing none, >> i had a question. one thing that came to me is that you live right above the establishment.
for elected officials to put it on a sustainable path. >> what is the president saying about this, steve? >>reporter: the president hasn't made a statement but jay carney said that the compromise on debt reduction was a an important step yet the path getting there was too long and too divisive. we must do better. >> he said we need a stronger recovery ahead of our political differences. >> >> harris: people are alling for the president to fire money man tim geithner. he was planning to quit after the debt ceiling was reached. >> timothy geithner is under fire from republicans . paul rand saying secretary geithner, raising the debt ceiling without a plan to balance the budget to down ground the debt and he was clearly wrong. senator jim dimint saying that the president should demand the treasury secretary to resign and put in someone who will help washington bance the budget and create jobs. >> now that we are no longer a triple a nation look at the company we keep. those doubling us with a double a plus. belgium and new zealand and list longer for a. adudabi . spain and qatar . china and
? >> no. he's a sweetheart. >> ignore me. if you see me on the street ignore me. my producer steve is getting out of the car because it might look too suspicious with him sitting in the back seat. >> let me get 12 until later. >> the dealer admits he gets his stash after visiting multiple pill-mill doctors. >> so what did he give you? >> 11 of them. >> what are they? >> oxycodone. >> to put this into perspective, the recommended starting dose for oxycodone is 10 milligramses in 12 hours. bree just bought 30 times that. and that's just enough to get her through one afternoon. today, a multiagency task force busts 22 pill mills, arresting doctors for trafficking in illegal prescriptions. >> it's not uncommon seeing doctors making upwards of $1 million a year. >> but that's nothing compared to what some of the clinic owners make. dea agents seized more than two dozen luxury cars from the garage of one pill mill entrepreneur. >> this individual was making $150,000 a day. >> viper, porsche, a nice blue bentley. i don't know what this is. why does it take so long to bust the clinics? why
's really interesting because adam scott, steve williams is counting for is tied for the lead in a four-way tie. >> it's going to be great. >> drama. next week should be fun. at the pga championship, which is on cbs, by the way. >> i think tomorrow's baseball game, afternoon game in the sun and boy it looks like it's becoming a rivalry now. >> completely. it's interesting because you don't know why victorino went after him. obviously he got plunked, but you don't know why. >> they were talking about his mother. >> unless he toke a fancy home run. >> did you see white side? >> white side is in it to win it. >> okay. >> how about a quick look at the seven-day forecast. >> overcast skies, temperatures from the upper 50s to the mid 80s. enjoy. >> there you go. that's it for us at 10:00. we're back at 11:00 on cbs 5. ,,,, [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [
tax. i stel steve forbes a flat tax proposal he made a couple dec e decades ago is the way to go. everybody is paying the same rate, get rid of the deductions and have these politicians working on bigger issues than our taxes. >> bob, nice to see you. don peebles, peebles corporation, diane, thank you so much, everybody. >> find out what has matt damon fired up that he's heading from the movie set to washington to march side by side with pretty angry teachers. unless you want . new splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweetener with b vitamins, the first and only one to help support a healthy metabolism. three smart new ways to sweeten. same great taste. new splenda® essentials™. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve. and started earning loads of points. you got a
by sentries and there were no leaks. some think of julian assange as a character from a steve larsen thriller, heyman who could be either a hero or villain in one of those swedish stories that makes hacker counterculture with high-level conspiracy and sex. he has become one of the most famous people in the world. there are four movies in production about julian assange. he is a fast-moving target. he moves through the country when he can. he is eccentric, volatile, an expert computer hacker turned anti secrecy crusaders. bill keller of the new york times said julian assange runs, quote, a secretive cadre of and try it secrecy vigilantes'. he is currently in england fighting extradition to sweden where he is wanted for investigation on charges of sexual assault. his two accusers say he had sex with them at first consentual the but again without using a condom as he promised. he was sent to jail. he was arrested in the u.k. and put in the same victorian prison where oscar wilde served his time. an english court has ordered him extradited to sweden. he is now free on dale and his hearing is set
. >> reporter: economist steve gallagher says the problem is a slow economy can only make jobs at a very slow pace. in the last three months, employers have added a total of 216,000 new jobs to payrolls. today, we learned that more jobs were actually created in may and june than originally reported. but nearly 14 million americans remain unemployed. and, with job growth still anemic, the unemployment rate is going to stay elevated. economist anthony chan says if we're lucky, we'll get as many as 150,000 new jobs a month through the end of this year. >> that, i think, will be just barely enough to hold the unemployment rate. we may see a little bit of a decline in the unemployment rate between now and the end of the year, and, the hope and expectation is that next year we start to see a little bit stronger growth. >> reporter: economists believe most new jobs will come from the private sector as they did last month. the government, particularly at the state and local level, cut positions again in july. it was the ninth straight month of job losses in the government sector. >> it sounds like it
to get the scoop from the police chief himself. this is chief steve gisselle with atascadero police department. tell us what did you find out? >> reporter: we've been looking for little jeremy all day long today. we have over 100 volunteers and about 65, 70 law enforcement officers from across the country including the fbi: just minutes ago we received an update that apparently the suspect somehow garnered a cell phone and called police. apparently realizing that we were looking for her actively. and let us know where little jeremy was and he, he ended up being in an abandoned ford dealingship in town in atascadero. he was located there inside the building alone. he's now being medically cleared. >> reporter: do we know his condition or how he's doing? >> the word i have is he seems to be in good health and that's really. this just came across we're still flushing all that out. >> and where's the, the suspect anette hail right now? >> annette hail is still missing. she does have an arrest warrant with a $100 million bail. >> reporter: the search is still on for this suspect anette h
solution. when they say that they mean one that includes revenues or taxes. >> steve centanni, thanks for that report. >> americans now considered a riskier investment than canada. more than a dozen countries have the rating including france, germany and great britain. america joins new zealand and belgium just a notch above spain. china and japan at aa-. >> billionaire warren buffet is speaking out saying the downgrade doesn't make sense. he says he's not worried about the american economy at all. if there were quadruple a rating he would give the u.s. that. buffet's company berkshire hathaway has 40 billion dollars in short treasury bills he has no plans to sell. he doesn't expect the downgrade to have much effect on the markets monday. >> how will this downgrade affect the already volatile market when it reopens monday. lauren, good to see you, what do you expect? >> all i have to say is pack your dramamine if you are an investor monday. it is going to be another wild ride. the past two weeks have been volatile. we've been up and down and in between. here's the thing, standard & po
of the 2010 health care law. we will hear from steve larsen and california senator dianne feinstein. this is two hours and 15 minutes. >> in the decade before the bill was passed, premiums imposed a heavy tax on families and small businesses. premiums for families and employer-sponsored coverage more than doubled. small businesses cannot afford it and began dropping coverage. congress had to act. we did. we enacted reforms to attain this runaway premium growth. today's hearing will explore how those reforms are already protecting consumers. it is basic economics that one of these surest ways to bring down prices is through an open and tough competition. for the first time in our history, health reform applies this basic principle to the health insurance market. in 2014, americans in every state will be able to buy insurance in an exchange. small businesses will also be able to shop there also. a couple of weeks ago, the administration released guidance and gives states flexibility in designing the exchanges to meet the unique needs of their sentences -- citizens. it will bring trans
here. adam scott is leading the tournament, joe. and his caddie is steve williams. he's been on the bag for him for this tournament. that's been the big story line coming into this week. tiger has won seven times before. stevie was a big part of those victories. and now scott is one round away from winning the tournament which would be quite remarkable. >> so hopefully next time we get on here, we'll get that audio problem straightened out. obviously, a really long delay. >> reporter: i hope so. >> you've got it. thanks for that report, man. >>> you've heard that music soothes the savage beast. so wait until you see when a whale hears a mariachi band. for broccoli, say one. for toys, say two. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ? please call back between 8 and 5 central standard time. he's in control. goodbye. even kids know it's wrong to give someone the run around. at ally bank you never have to deal with an endless automated system. you can talk to a real person 24/7. it's just the right thing to do. >>> a beluga whale is stealing the show in maryland. ca
obama made it that much worse. >> what does it mean and can we get our rating back? steve centanni live in washington with the latest. >> the president hasn't made any statements yet about this. but his press secretary, jay carney, has, by putting out a paper statement on the president's behalf and without making any direct reference to that s & p action downgrading our credit rating, carney talked about the president's intentions. he said, quote, over the coming weeks, the president will strongly encourage the bipartisan fiscal committee, as well as all members of congress to put our common commitments to a stronger recovery and sounder long-term fiscal path above our ideological differences differes we must do better our intentions to work together. >> thanks very much. >> arthel: we got it. here is -- concerns over what this downgrade means for them. will americans now start seeing interest rates rising on everything from credit cards to car loans? elizabeth mcdonald from the "fox business" network to break it all down. you guys have been really busy over there. let's start here. fir
's on the margin. these are all marginal tools. i agree with steve that fundamental tax reform in the longer haul could get us to a better, more competitive plain in terms of competitiveness. i'm not the super optimist. i listen to norm a lot and i believe him and think highly of him. and i'm more than disappointed in our ability to come up with these. i think it's important to think about in terms of the federal reserve, this is putting a lot of weight on the shoulders of central banks around the world. the european central bank, disappointed this week by -- >> and look what happened. >> and look what happened, exactly. that helped to trigger the major losses we saw in the market this week. and the reality is that we're running out of tool kits. i think the fed can do more. and i think they're going to be considering it. certainly the employment report we saw on friday helps take some of the burden off the fed for doing something immediately. but any way you cut it, if the european central bank, the fed will likely be pulled into the picture in one way or the other, maybe not q.e. 3. but they wi
. >> ignore me. if you see me on the street ignore me. my producer steve is getting out of the car because it might look too suspicious with him sitting in the back seat. >> let me get 12 until later. >> the dealer admits he gets his stash after visiting multiple pill-mill doctors. >> so what did he give you? >> 11 of them. >> what are they? >> oxycodone. >> to put this into perspective, the recommended starting dose for oxycodone is 10 milligramses in 12 hours. bree just bought 30 times that. and that's just enough to get her through one afternoon. today, a multiagency task force busts 22 pill mills, arresting doctors for trafficking in illegal prescriptions. >> it's not uncommon seeing doctors making upwards of $1 million a year. >> but that's nothing compared to what some of the clinic owners make. dea agents seized more than two dozen luxury cars from the garage of one pill mill entrepreneur. >> this individual was making $150,000 a day. >> viper, porsche, a nice blue bentley. i don't know what this is. why does it take so long to bust the clinics? why can't you just go in and knock th
. and steve forbes, the ceo of forbes incorporated. >>> up next, though, we're taking a story away from washington. we take it away from wall street for just a few minutes. we're going to focus on your street, your bottom line, what this line in history means for your pocketbook. how your efforts to borrow money or credit card rates, interest rates, even your investments could be affected by all of this. this decision to lower the u.s.'s credit rate sglg information all of our viewers need to know. we'll also hear a lot about how much of our debt is held by china. should we be concerned about that country calling for payment? we'll be back in three minutes. and he gives me a variety of options. would you like to have a look at a map, my lad? ah, why not? shall we check on the status of your knighthood? yes. again? yes, again, please! thank you. with my digital manservant, i'll never be homesick again. would you like me to put the kettle on, sir? no, i'd like you to get rid of that ostrich. it's been here a month. [ male announcer ] the new hp touchpad. get it now for $100 off, starting
the bridgestone invitational. 2 feet away his old caddie steve williams. they pass each othe other. not a word spoken. round 2. in akron today. woods began the day 6 back. this wouldn't help. on 14. oh. he lip it out. tiger one over 71. 7 back now. rough day for phil. 3 over 73 but has shot of the day. eagle on 11. 8 back. crowded at the top. fowler 6 under today. rolls in the putt for birdie on 9. he's 8 under over all and shares the lead with 3 others including adam scott. miller time is over. there's a new boss in silver and black. not talking about al davis. tight end has been signed to replace miller who left for the seahawks. came in for work out yesterday hip injury that bothered him last season seems to be healed. signed a 16 million dollar contract half guaranteed, 4 year. he's regarded as better blocker than miller and should be a nice target for the raiders in the red zone. alex smith back for another tour of duty with the niners. had it not been for the lock out he would have gone elsewhere. no 43 agency until the lock out ended. shotgun marriage here. see if
was hosted by boston college's center for retirement research. >> it's time to get started. steve, sit, please. [laughter] i again have the honor of introducing the speakers. we are extremely fortunate to have charles blahouse, the current public trustees of the so security and medicare systems. for three years, these slots remain vacant. fortunately for all those, bob and chuck have been selected. bob was the director of the congressional budget office and is now president of the urban institute. chuck started in a strange direction as a ph.d. and computational quantum chemistry from berkeley, but then on the butl and president' bush's economic council and is now a research fellow at the hoover institution. they were chosen for their experience, their policy in sight, and their many talents, not the least of which is the rare ability to command respect across the policy spectrum. chuck is going to talk about social security. bob will talk about medicare. they are delighted to take questions at the end of their remarks. so let's welcome them here today. [applause] >> thank you for the
being a white anchor. catherine, thanks for representing us. [laughter] >> steve your buddy is added again. >> i will not argue with this. i had a falling out with him about a year-and-a- half ago. , want what i said i cannot believe they did not know mcgwire was on steroids, but with all this city you hit someone in the head once and all this get even stuff, he is 66 years of age. he has lasted this long, a third winning is the manager of all time by just being a nice guy. mayor now he is looking over his shoulder, he is a good guide if you are an animal, you love him. but, and this stuff, the one thing that drives me nuts. he says he hit one of our guys, you go out and hit him. if you hit one of them it will not be funny. >> of here is another. >> and thank you. and on my birthday. >> ok will e-mail my wife makes time is see if you can get on. see you later. a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. call at&t and see what we can do for you. with unlimited voice
brands. i just don't think -- i think there's one person, steve jobs, who is a unique blend of chromosomes, who can get unique touch with a person like martha, to get in touch. we hear 3d movies aren't doing well. four out of five households make less than $55,000 a year in this country. if you don't think that's an interesting way to live, try doing it for some of you that don't. they can't afford 3d. hollywood is starting to flounder. it would be interesting to bring it back if sony teamed up with google to really improve their user experience, or teamed up with disney, or teamed up with a content company that knows how to entertain. and use navigation. because i can't find half of the things that i hear about. i'm in the business. i think those are the two trends that we're going to start to see. better user experience and actually going out and teaching people how to do it. >> great. something about -- we all touched on this a little bit. i do work in the video space. it might be self-serving. the whole concept of how we are consuming. i'm a consumer of media, news, jour
when it is a minority view, even when steve goss is frowning or rick squirming in his chair, in their displeasure. we were not offering to be exotic products. we did not believe in the public's. therefore, we did not offer them. because servicing is a low- margin business, we thought it was important to have a good quality portfolio. we were conscious about underwriting our loans very strict up front. i think it starts with the underwriting. we keep our homes, therefore we are concerned about what we put in a portfolio. >> mr. hopkins, there has been a significant consolidation in the mortgage services industry. the largest banks now service the majority of the loans in the country. have more workers and communities benefited from this consolidation? >> absolutely not. i think is part of the problem. an article i saw in 2010 showed the four largest servicers controls 70% of the market. they do not have the customer contact we do. if there was a more diverse market on the servicing side, the customer would have a better experience. >> professor, i in your testimony you recomm
, doing things differently. >> i would like to see a true conservative. get steve forbes. get someone who has a real -- ask donald trump to be treasury secretary. >> what does donald trump have to say about that? >> donald, on the phone, call us. >> bachmann and jim demint calling for him to go. those calls increase. i don't think is he going anywhere. >> we shall see. u.s. citizens are being warned to get out of syria immediately. the state department alert comes as violence explodes between opposition protesters and forces loyal to the syrian president bashar al assad. the opposition says 24 syrian civilians were killed in just this past day alone as government forces broke up friday protests in the city of hamas. they wanted to go into their high school this monday, open fire, kill themselves, then these three louisiana teenagers are now in custody this morning accused of planning a terror attack at their school in saint saint -- in louisiana. shooting police at lake shore high and eventually turning the guns on themselves. the massacre was reportedly planned for this coming monday. wo
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